Make It Count - Fimo Edition

This week I found these little gems at the art store while on a paint run and thought they would be perfect for the girls. 

I picked up two Fimo pink and one red...and we got a-crafting!

 Clementine loved playing with the little squares before we rolled them into balls.

Amelie loved making teeny tiny hearts with a cutter made from bending a pencil top!

In the end we had a range of shapes made by hand and with cookie cutters - pierced with toothpicks and ready for the oven!

Once baked we strung the creations on twine...and BAM...awesome new necklaces for all!


  1. I just bought some fimo too - found a generic brand that was much cheaper. It's all for me though!! Your things look great. Suz

  2. It looks like lots of fun. They would make great little decorations for Christmas too.

  3. Looks like you all had a great time. I love using Fimo it makes great buttons too.


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