How to Add a Toadstool Effect to a Cape or Jacket

1.     Use an existing cape pattern or draft your own from a hooded jacket. Cut out the fabric and then it’s time to cut and attach your white spots before constructing the cape! For the pictured cape I used red corduroy for the outer fabric and white corduroy for the spots. To line the cape I used a red and white polka dot fabric.

2.     Use a variety of different sized cups and bowls to create the toadstool spots. I use three different sizes – small (cup), medium (small bowl) and large (medium sized mixing bowl).

3.     Trace around the cup/bowl in pencil on wrong side of the white cord fabric. Cut out the circle taking care to keep the shape and not fray the fabric as the finished circle will have no seam allowance.

4.     Place the cut circles (wrong side down) on the right side of the red outer fabric of the cape body and hood. You can play around with these and re arrange them until you are happy. With each toadstool cape I have made they have been placed differently which has added character and been closer to nature!

5.     Pin in place as pictured and sew with a small zig zag stitch around the edge of the circle, taking it slow to ensure that there are no bits of the edge that get missed. If this happens simply unpick that section of the circle and re-stitch. My preferred zig zag stitch is 3 in length and 0.5 in width to keep the edging from excess fraying.

6.     Trim around the edges of the zig zag after you have stitched it to neaten it up and then construct your cape as directed!

       This method can be used to add spots to ANYTHING! Have fun!


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