Japanese Sewing Book Dress Y

In my creative space today is the last outfit in my 'sewing for me' marathon....though with my new sewing book I'm sure it won't last long!

This is definitely an around the house number for me...which was initially disappointing as I was hoping for it to venture outside but it will be nice to have something just for home!

For more creative inspiration today head over HERE!


  1. I love the colours! Why does it have to be a housebound dress? I think it looks great!

  2. looks great! I don't think it needs to be confined just to the house!

  3. stunning colours/fabric, really suits you x

  4. Oh I like! I like very much.
    Which Japanese book did you use???

  5. I used the 'Stylish Dress Book'


    Thanks everyone for the comments!!

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