Small Joys for Japan

To Japan with Love

This week I finished my softies for Japan...the Joan doll (top) was made from the Poppy Doll pattern, using a head I had previously created and had been waiting for a new body!

The Woodland Fox was made as a pattern test for the lovely pepper stitches.

Today they both made the journey in the cold and the rain to Calico and Ivy to prepare for their longer journey to Japan. I was glad to be able to do 'something' no matter how small and I hope the new owners love them.

If you want to donate any soft toys, handmade or not head HERE for the details.

I wish I could have donated I always do when softies for mirabel rolls around and I never have time! So I am thinking of building a collection so I have some ready to go in future!

See when Joan was just a head HERE and what happened to her previous body!


  1. What a lovely thing you're doing, these look very cute. I hopped over from Meet Me At Mike's, hope you're having a good day!

  2. Thanks for coming over! Lovely to have you here!


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