Bat Hat

When I found this pattern for an easy knit bat hat I was very excited:

'WOW....the girls are going to love this' - I couldn't wait to make I finally got my knitting needles out...

That was a few weeks ago now and I have been waiting to share it with you...but...

Amelie would not go near it and she got scared if I put it I waited and waited...

Clementine was also not having a bar of it:

So I have resorted to a dodgy self-portrait...

I apologise...but look at the awesome hat!

You appreciate it right?

So now it's fate is to go away until a worthy child can take up the bat hat!

PS I will draw the giveaway on Sunday so you have a few more days if you want to enter....sorry about the delay but I have loved reading everyone's responses!


  1. That is a great bat hat! Great for Halloween :) Your girls are adorable and love the outfits you create. Glad to have found you through Mandy at Belle & Boo. Hugs, Catherine x


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