A List of Australian Photography Competitions and Grant Available in February

As a new monthly feature to the blog I would like to add any photographic competitions / grants that are coming up that month. I will also pop in any I find along the way but I hope this will be a guide to help you get funded or become a winner!
Most of my iformation comes from the NAVA Book - Money for Visual Artists 9th Edition which is currently sold out on their website.


Ø http://www.nationalphotoawards.com/index.html

Ø Photography and Related Media Residency New York www.lightwork.org/residency/resinfo.html stipend and accommodation


Ø Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award www.gcac.com.au $10,000

Ø Muswellbrook Photographic Award (biennial next 2010) $3,000; 02 6549 3880
Good Luck and if you happen across any awesome compeitions / giveaways / grants drop me a line and I will blog about them!


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