11 August 2009 Daily Inspiration

Aquaman and The Huntress
I loved the caption on this comic, so I had to use it....
'She's Stunning - She's Cunning...and She's a Dead Shot!!!' Watch out world!!

So...what ideas have you come up with for your work this week eh???
Comment below on what you have been thinking!!
Me I am not sure whether to photograph Amelie in a superhero/villain or to use figures and poses.....stay tuned....


  1. i'm REALLY struggling and haven't taken a single shot!! i might have to borrow a child to do some posing. anyone got one spare? :P

  2. hey, my name is bec and i was lucky enough to receive your swapapalooza pack as part of the genius idea from georgielove. i just wanted to drop by and say thank you so much, i LOVED everything. i especially love the japanese lunch bag and i use it everyday to take my lunch to work. sorry it has taken me so long to drop by and give thanks, but honestly, your pack made my day. my husband and i had such a good time listening to your mixed cd too! lots of smiles! thanks again! bec x

  3. Thanks...I was excited to make it!! I am glad you liked the songs...I am never sure what other people will like!!


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