The Clementine Dress Sew-a-Long Day 3


Time for Day 3 of The Clementine Dress Sew-a-Long!
Today we will sew the side seams!
(Find The Clementine Dress pattern HERE!) 

 Sewing the Side Seams 
With right sides together pin and sew the side seams together ensuring the underarm seam is lined up.
Stitch and over lock each side.
Secure the facing to the main dress on the inside with a few small machine (or hand stitches) where the bottom of the facing meets at the side seams.
PRO TIP (from my testers) You can secure the facing to the dress a little higher up and then over lock the bottom of the facing for a neater finish!
Coming tomorrow...
Hem the Dress 

Find The Clementine Dress pattern HERE!
WIN – At the end of the sew-a-long we will be having a competition for those who have purchased and sewn up the pattern! Stay tuned for more details!
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Feel free to post in-progress shots in addition to finished garments, and of course, be sure to tell us all about it so we can be inspired!


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