Tie Dye Quilt

I have continued to experiments with tie dyeing and gradually gained a collection of fabrics after a few dye rounds!

All of the fabrics used in the fabrics in the quilt went through at least two dye pots - pink and black. A final one also had a layer of natural dye using the pomegranates from our garden.

I love the ghost like effect the dye gives and love finding new shapes and designs hidden within.

The backing is made of one piece that went through all the dye pots! 

I kept the quilting minimalist and went with simple lines close to the seams.

I love the final design and will keep this one all to myself too!


  1. I love this one Thouraya - very cool!

  2. Fantastic work! Very graphic. I love that you did all of the dyeing AND quilting. What a masterpiece.


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