Project Run and Play - The Tee Shirt Challenge - SUPER PLAY CLOTHES


This week's challenge came at the right time! 

With a stack of tees to refashion it was the perfect pattern to pick!

I used the pattern as a base and made amendments to use the existing parts of the tees to turn them into muscle dresses!

First up is Super-Clementine

I used the existing neckband and ruched the shoulder seams with elastic in the bobbin.

Next up is Amelie as Batgirl!

Another SUPER simple refashion using the existing neckline and shirring on the back to make it more fitted.

Time for the Super Friends to get to work....playing!


  1. Nice upcycle! I LOVE shirring for turning old tees into dresses--so quick and easy!

  2. So cute! Love it when girls don't have to wear pink to be happy. (nothing wrong with pink of course but you know how girls can be)

  3. So fun. They look so cute and so comfortable to!


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