The Best of Amelie and Atticus in 2014

Looking back at all the fun we've had in 2014!

We printed our first shirt - The Atticus Tee! 

There is still some limited stock left on SALE in the SHOP! Grab them before they are gone forever!

We released our first pattern - The Amelie Cape

Available HERE for all your holiday sewing needs!

We had an awesome re-branding of Amelie and Atticus bringing in Clementine!

 I made a few dresses for myself which are all on high rotation this summer!

The children received a new quilt for their birthdays!

There was some crocheting and knitting...

And lots of Vintage Sheet Quilting!

If you are after a beautiful vintage sheet quilt check out the SHOP...there are lots of treasures in there!

I made LOTS of Frozen costumes...some for my girls and some custom orders!

There was some SUPER SEWING!

Some new dresses for the girls...

And LOTS AND LOTS of sewing inspired by our favourite film and television shows!

 Including these Tim Burton costumes...

...and our Halloween Costumes! 

It has been an amazing year and we are now looking forward to 2015 and all the adventures it will hold!


  1. Wow! All of those dresses! So pretty, and so ambitious! I am happy if I can complete a couple of knits over the course of a year :-)

  2. What a fun review! Such wonderful things you made this year! I have a vintage sheets quilt in my work in progress pile I want to get to after seeing yours.

  3. Wonderful review - I love all of your projects. Here's to a brilliant 2015

  4. Love the vintage sheet quilts. I recognize a few of those from my childhood. I have a couple stashed in my closet for a project one day.


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