Princess Mononoke and Soot Sprites Dresses

We are huge Hayao Miyazaki fans in this house and I have made lots of costumes for the girls, many Ponyo's and some special orders through my Etsy Shop!

This time I decided to make something a little different...I have been itching to do some screen printing so I chose some of our favourite little Ghibli critters to print and created dresses for the girls!

Princess Mononoke Dress

I made a rough screen print of the Tree Spirits from the film and filled in the blanks with hand painting. 

Next I stencilled some red paint to mirror Princess Mononoke's war paint.

To make the dress I used Rae's Geranium Dress pattern and added a little hint of Jiji from Kiki with the black cat buttons on the back!

Totoro Soot Sprite Dress

To make this print I went terribly old school, made a potato stamp and went nuts! I added the eyes with the end tip of a paint brush. I wanted to make it look like when the girls discovered the Soot Sprites in Totoro.

To make the dress I used The Cottage Mama A-Line Dress Pattern from her book Sew Classic Clothes for Girls. I used the polka dot fabric to look like more soot sprites and added a touch of red just because I love it!

I also love how the red, white and black colour theme ties the dresses together.

I do not love how the Princess Mononoke border got a little washed out after a cleaning emergency...but these things happen...luckily it wasn't as bad as I feared (I thought I might lose the whole dress!)

The girls absolutely love them...and had a great time dressing up with the Princess Mononoke war paint (food colouring!)

Thanks to Sew Chibi and Max California for the invite!

Click each picture below to check out the stars of this episode of Sew Geeky!

Totoro by Rae Gun Ramblings Nausicaa by Sew Chibi Princess Mononoke by Sew Chibi Calcifer, Howl's Moving Castle by Sew Chibi Howl's Moving Castle by Robutton Jiji, Kiki's Delivery Service by You and Mie Totoro & Princess Mononoke by Amelie & Atticus Jiji, Kiki's Delivery Service by Sew in Love Chihiro/Sen, Spirited Away by Max California Totoro by Casa Crafty Kiki's Delivery Service by American Kat Totoro by The Life of a Compulsive Crafter Sew Geeky Episode 6: Studio Ghibli Image Map


  1. so Lovely! The printing is fabulous!

  2. I love those dresses! How cute and creative ways to add the characters! Lovely photos too!

  3. Really adorable, I've wanted to try fabric painting for awhile and haven't found the right project yet. I like that they can wear these anytime and show off their fandom without being costumey!

  4. ok seriously you went too far talented for my blood!! i love the fabric painting. freakin awesome! i want one now.

  5. STUNNING! All of it is just beautiful! The war paint the stencils... Brava, lady! Just beautiful! Thank you for joining in with us for Sew Geeky!!!!

  6. These are gorgeous - great printing and fantastic models!


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