Clementine's Beanie and the Pom Pom Madness

Clementine's beanie is all done! It didn't quite go according to plan...

It was meant to be a pixie hat, but since I was using a finer wool than the pattern I added twice the amount of stitches. This worked well only I forgot to add extra ROWS as well!

So Clementine has more of a regular style beanie...but she was happy so I am happy cause there was no way I was going to do it again!

She did also request a pom pom and Amelie wanted one added too...

...I used the simple wrap around your hand method for the pom poms and they were quick and easy! I attached them so if they get sick of them or ruined I can remove them!

Winter just got a bit snugglier!


  1. Cute hat! I love the shades of blue in the blue one - pretty yarn.


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