Amelie's First Quilt

Amelie has been wanting to get in on the quilting action for a while and over the past few weeks she has been working on her first quilt!

Here are her original designs:

She got to learn about separating the elements of her design into a quilt and managed lots of new techniques!

We used the machine together with lots of 'go', 'stop', 'STOP', 'STOP NOW!

...and then a few lessons on unpicking!

Here is the finished product which she has called 'Fairy Flowers'

I love her sun the worked really well from the original design to the final quilt!

I think she did a great job, but she was wondering if next time she can make a HUGE we go!


  1. Wow! That is so awesome! Great job Amelie!

  2. Well done Amelie, your quilt is amazing.
    The row of flowers is really pretty.
    Ali xx

  3. Way to go Amelie! So cute! I bet you are so proud of her.


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