The Atticus Finch Tee

We have started a fun new t-shirt project here at Amelie and Atticus... we are printing 100 limited edition tees of our favourite icons.

First up is Atticus Finch - a brilliant combination of an amazing literary figure and film icon.

We just love him so darn much we named our first born son after him!

Check them out on Etsy HERE!

Once they are sold we will create the next one!

Who would you love to see on a tee?


  1. I love these! Are they silk screened?

  2. Inspired t shirt! My little girl is called Amelie - we adore the French film of the same name and it suits her - perhaps Audrey Tautou as Amelie will be the next tee? Saying hello via Sew Darn Crafty and blogging over in the UK .


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