Atticus' Ripple Blanket

I started this little blanket while awaiting my new arrival...

...and now 6 months down the track I have finally finished it!

It was my first ripple blanket and I have learnt a valuable lesson...I cast on way too tightly - so for my next ripple blanket I will cast on the first row with a larger crochet hook so you will get a neat ripple (like the top row instead of a too tight ripple like at the bottom)!

I do love the ripple effect and I am sure I will cast on another one soon.

Atticus' verdict?



  1. It's gorgeous, lovely rich bright colours :) I want to make an interlocking ripple at some point, it's such a lovely pattern

  2. Love it! I think ripple blankets are so much fun. (And I love Attic24's patterns!) Your little guy is adorable!

    I just followed you via Bloglovin!


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