Crash and Burn

 This weekend Andy's exhibition closed so we went to have a last little look before it came down!

 The girls doing their best Supergirl impressions!

 There were some fun antics...and lots of lipstick applied!

It was an excellent show...below are a few of my favourite paintings:

You can check out more HERE on the official website!

I will leave you with a photo of peaceful Atticus...all tucked into his rainbow blanket!


  1. I'm not sure I've congralated you yet on the arrival of little Atticus! Such a big month with Andy's exhibition too. I love the image with the little girl running in the forest. Rest up and enjoy your little one!

  2. that is one cute baby and one cute blankie!

    I always wondered why this blog was called Amelie and Atticus...feels more complete now. Although I do wonder, when Clementine gets old enough, if she will wonder where her name is?


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