Fabric, Piles and Sew Crazy*

*my attempt to turn the piles of fabric growing around my room into lovely clothes for children!

This week I had a trip to spotlight to pick up calico for the husband...and a few goodies for me!

 I picked up some fleece and jersey for an upcoming winter project for the girls...stay tuned!

 I also got some fabric for cape lining...and some of the new Belle and Boo fabric...I couldn't resist!

Next up was to tackle the mountain of fabric in my workroom...slowly it has been growing to the point where I realised if I knuckled down I could probably make a lot of clothes with it!

Round One: CAPES!

As the chill is crawling into Sydney I thought it was the perfect time for a batch of capes...so I got to sorting fabric, cutting out patterns and piling them up around my room! I think at this stage there are about 27-ish capes on the go!

This weekend I spent every spare moment sewing...and here is the first batch of finished capes:



  1. Lovely! I love everything you make!

  2. WOW, you did some major sewing damage! Good work, i'll be sewing like a mad woman this week as well. Though we are moving into spring here in the states and my piles will probably look much too chilly for your weather. <3


  3. Love the productivity at your place. Happy sewing. xx


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