June 2009 - June 2012 My 900th Post and 3 Years Blogging!

I thought I would take this opportunity to look back at what I have achieved on this blog in the last three years and basically see how much has changed!

When I started blogging Amelie looked like this:

Now she is looking more like this...and spending a couple of days a week in Pre-School:

Clementine was non-existent but once she arrived she was pretty cute:

And now she is a source of constant amusement:

I started out sewing with commercial patterns and have since developed some of my own...here are a few of my favourite creations:

My Capes

 My Vintage Dresses

My Ponyo Costume

I have also learnt to crochet since starting this blog and have made 3 blankets so far!

Here is one of my favourites...the mini rainbow blanket!

I started the blog as the Amelie and Atticus Photography and Craft Challenge and have moved from that into crafting - creating - capturing and living!

Thanks for reading my blog and following my journey into the great unknown!


  1. Well done, and congratulations :)

  2. Gorgeous little girls and such cute dresses! Hope you are celebrating 3 years of an awesome blog! :)


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