I'm leaving on a jet plane...

This week we jet out to England, Scotland and France...I can't believe after 7 years I will be heading back to the shores of the UK and I can't wait!

It's also our first holiday in 5 years!

Over the next few weeks I will treat you with a little trail to follow where we go and provide inspiration of all sorts from the area!

I will also include some dresses I have made for the trip!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I will!


  1. Have a wonderful trip Thouraya! And I want that jet plane.

  2. OhMyGollyGosh I came seeking you in my quest to work out this new blogger and TaaaaaDaaaaa you're away. I'm thrilled to bits, so happy for you Thouraya, your photo's are totally beautiful ... yes I've read backwards to work out if you really were away or simply dreaming :)
    Huge Hugs and Wishing you the most wonderful magical time. xo.


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