Thrift Store Finds

This year I have been limiting my op-shop shopping...but I was on the hunt for vintage sheets this week and this is what I found on my adventures:

A beautiful dress that I am going to try and re-fashion...I LOVE the fabric!

1m of vintage fabric

 Awesome vintage floral and Sesame Street pillowcases

 A beautiful vintage sheet

Two amazing pillowcases...which will be going straight onto the girls' beds tonight!

A bandana that I want to make into bloomers but there might not be enough fabric!

And lastly some brand new Superman viewfinders for Amelie!

I also picked up some more vintage sheets but cut them up before I got a chance to photograph them whole...see them in pieces HERE!

More thrifty find HERE!


  1. Those pillowcases are divine! What a fabulous find! :0)

  2. oh I really love the vintage fabric and the pillowcases. I always wanted one of those viewfinders as a kid but it wasn't to be. hah!

  3. Great fabric and the pillowcases are awesome!

  4. Ohh you lucky thing, all those vintage fabrics. x

  5. Lots of scope with all those lovely fabrics - especially love the print on the bandanna. Hope there is enough fabric in it to squeeze out a pair of bloomers - I would love to see them!

  6. What gorgeous finds! Those kiddie pillowcases are just heaven. And penny farthing bloomers on a wee little bum...couldn't be any cuter. Wishing you a week of smiles and adventure :)

  7. Oh, the pillowcases!! I love the Sesame Street ones. I found Holly Hobbie ones a few weeks ago, and like yours, they got washed and went straight on my little girl's bed!

  8. Great finds - especially the pretty pillow cases.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. What lovely finds: I have the same Sesame Street pillowcases: the penny farthing bandana is awesome!


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